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First post! Quite a few deco items!

Hello!! This is my first time posting to this community, and I bring two cell phones, a compact, and my DS, all dressed up! I also have a question for you all, that I hope you can help me with. These pictures may be kinda large, those of you on dailup might need to wait a moment.

Firstly, I really love the look of the "whipped cream" silicone, but I don't want to buy such a small tube from strapya for $12, would it be possible to use a normal white silicon like you might find a home improvement store instead? I imagine I can get a tube of that at a better price. If that is possible, what kind should I get, and do you just treat it the same a the stuff from strapya?
I am switching in between two phones right now, I had the purple one first, and it is much newer- but I felt bad about covering it in stuff, so I purchased an old (super old) phone and am using it at the moment, all glammed up with no guilt!

Work in progress, I make such a mess!

The back of my iPod

I love the design that I came up with for my DS! It looks like a balloon, floating away in the breeze.

This phone is going to get a face lift once my order from strapya comes in, but for right now, this is how it looks.

The front of the purple LG Scoop. I love it, maybe too much, I don't want to mess it up with lots of deco things!

The back side. The glitter is actually the protective covering that you can buy from strapya, it makes for good glitter!
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