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My Cellphone Pics ^_^

Hi, I'm new here and I thought this was  a cute little community.  I'd like to share some pictures of my cellphone ^^
It's a BlackJack 607i.  I've had it for several months now, and I was a bit disappointed that they didn't have one in black, but I think my case and charms makes up for it's lack of cuteness when i bought the phone. ^^

More Pics under the LJ cut:

I decorated the case with mostly san-x onsen manju buns and sabo kappa catcus kappa since those two are two of my most favorite characters ^3^

My pride and joy *_*  From left to right, the pink and black charms are handmade by me.  Made with sculpey clay and painted with acrylics and glossed with sculpey brand gloss.  They're suppose to be san-x characters called hannari tofu and they're cosplaying as ninjas ^3^ 

The next charm I also made with the same materials.  It's a cellphone charm that's a cellphone charm strap meant to be put on a cellphone...get it?  lol  yeah bit of a lame joke, but i thought it would be a cute idea. 

and lastly is a dangly onsen manju cellphone strap i got at strapya.com  I've been trying to get that charm for about a year since the first time i found it on a random LJ comment i didn't know for the life of me where they got it.  when i came across the website on ebay of all places, they were out of stock.  it wasn't only until recently they restocked it finally @.@

I couldn't resist this cellphone holder when i saw it.  and after i did get it it's only fitting to get a wallpaper for my cellphone that matches ^^

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So cute! XD I love everything about it!
thanks so much ^^ i believe your cellphone should reflect a little of yourself :D
I agree! Now if I could just find Voltron stickers, I'd be in heaven. X3
i love pasting stickers on my phone as well.
i'm inspired to take pictures of my phone too.
look out for my post soon.
yeah. i haven't gone to collect stickers since i was a kid, but now that i have a new phone and regained a thirst for all things kawaii i've been collecting lots of stickers.

and i look forward to your cellphone pics. i always like looking at other ppls phones. ^^

thanks for the comment ^^
i love the 'cellphone' charm!!
soo cute <3
thanks! i actually have more in different colors. if you're interested you can go to my LJ journal. there's lots of charms there.
THANK YOU!!! <3333
Eep! So kawaii! Love the buns ^___^
Awww~, your phone is SO cute! <3 *___*
Thanks for info about wallpapers of mobile phones
this is so adorable <3
i want yur phone.
i have a question? :)
sure what's your question?