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Ugh okay, so I still have a razr v3 :(. I've had this phone for almost 2 years now & I wish I could upgrade (.; n ;.). The directional pad jams sometimes :(. My only consolations are my phone charms. I think it kinda makes up for how crappy my phone is (.6 u 6.).

Charms (Counter-clockwise from Bottom):
  • Kuromi Charm (I stole this from my sister whose friend got it for her from Japan :3.)
  • Pokemon Screen cleaner (Croagunk... I got it from a vending machine... I wanted Pikachu :( )
  • Pokemon Charm. (Skyform Shaymin... still trying to get pikachu (.> n <.))
  • Nishikido Ryo Charm (My friend got this for me from Japan because I used to like NewS and he thought it'd be funny if he got me a charm with a guy on it lol.)
  • Frog Charm (The same friend who got me the Ryo Charm bought me this :3, it has googley eyes~~)

And here's my ringtone~~. Lol its hella old.

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