『Dodo Potato』 (doraichan) wrote in cellphonelove,
『Dodo Potato』

Yo yo yo~

Woo I recently decorated my new-ish phone so I decided it's pretty enough to post here as my old phone (Motorola U9) was utter shit xD But I love this phone 8D LG Viewty hurr <3 I didn't like touch screen phones at first but I had to get a new one and this is perfect because I can use a stylus/my nail instead of my thumb so it didn't matter that my nails are too long lolol. dkjfdf W/ez, I'll stfu and post the pictures already xDDD

I was in the process of decorating it here lol~ That's the only picture I have of my phone charms and you can't see my small ones xD; Btw, I have two Spongebobs because two people gave them to me as presents (On the same day and time as well lolol) and I didn't want to ignore one and just use the other lol.

This is what the finished thing looks like~ I didn't want to use too many things because they weren't mine but it looks kinda unfinished xD I want to get some tiny rhinestones and scatter them around the empty bits lol.

The back was supposed to look like this...

Only it looks like this because the bow wouldn't stick on xD; Sorry for my shitty face but that's the only picture I have. And it shows my Boo stylus hurr <3

And because I'm incredibly gay, I made my phone background match my lj layout xDDD

Lol I hope this post is okaaaay D8
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