Dazedcrafter (Formerly: kneazlegurl125) (takoyaki123) wrote in cellphonelove,
Dazedcrafter (Formerly: kneazlegurl125)

i got a new phone a while back...

This is my somewhat new LG KS360 that I love to bits.  I swear this phone was made for me when I saw it on ebay, and it's pink to boot!   With a new phone I had to accessorize it so pictured is a bunch of charms I made and some that I bought.  I swear I'm a cellphone strap whore, but that just goes to prove I'm an obsessed charm maker.  The ones I made is the nyanko pudding, nyanko takoyaki, the moogle, and the mini cellphone that currently has a bad glare in it ):  The rest was bought either from etsy or from strapya-world.com
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