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Hello ^^ I have been looking at this community for some time and thought it's time to join.  lately I have been really in love with gyaru style and after seing their phones i decided it's time to make mine less boring ^^ I always had some sticker on my phones but yesterday i went to London's China town and bought some stuff for my phone.

So my phone. Samsung U600. I love it but as most Samsungs it doesn't have the thing to put the straps on which is extremly annoing ><" as i love my charms and have to put them on my bags and stuff

Also becouse of the huge screen I can't really decorate it on the front.

So the back and my stickers. Nothing special.

i bought this thing yesterday. Isn't it cute? xD Already named her Yukari-chan ^^


More Stickers ^^

And last rhinestones.

I want to use all this stuff and decorate my phone nicely. I have a brief idea what I want to do but maybe anyone have any interesting suggestions ^^
Ow and the stones have glue on them should i just put them on or rather use some glue to stick them (will normal super glue be okay or should i buy that GemTac glue).

I will post photos again when it will be done.

Any suggestions appreciated as its my first time decorating a phone ^^

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