Ligaya (_ligaya_) wrote in cellphonelove,

My first try at decorating...

Hi all! I've lurked here a bit but here I am now with my own decorated mobile phone! XD

I began with a plain Nokia 6020, 3 years old. I changed the original case as the paint was all but chipped off. I kept the keypad however, because the keypad of the original remains the best (most sensitive).

I bought a fake Nokia 6020 case with matching keypad and kept only the case for my purposes. I didn't want to buy an original because this phone is more than 3 years old, and the original cases have long been pulled out from stores. Besides, if I failed at this, I would feel terrible spending thousands of bucks on an original case.

I bought some rhinestones from Saizen (the legitimate local affiliate of Daiso Japan) and in all my trips abroad before decoden became really popular here, so all I needed were my tweezers and clear nail polish, and then I was set!

For those in Poupee, you may Suteki and comment at d^_~b
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