Dazedcrafter (Formerly: kneazlegurl125) (takoyaki123) wrote in cellphonelove,
Dazedcrafter (Formerly: kneazlegurl125)

i got a new phone a while back...

This is my somewhat new LG KS360 that I love to bits.  I swear this phone was made for me when I saw it on ebay, and it's pink to boot!   With a new phone I had to accessorize it so pictured is a bunch of charms I made and some that I bought.  I swear I'm a cellphone strap whore, but that just goes to prove I'm an obsessed charm maker.  The ones I made is the nyanko pudding, nyanko takoyaki, the moogle, and the mini cellphone that currently has a bad glare in it ):  The rest was bought either from etsy or from strapya-world.com
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You're charms are so cute.

That is a cute phone. What do you like about it the most?
mostly the fact that it's a sliding phone and has a qwerty keyboard. since now i have unlimited text, giving text messages with a regular phone bugs me so much. also simply put, i just really like the way it looks with white and pink colors. very girlie ^^
Yea, I really need a phone with a qwerty keyboard. At first, I didn't like qwerty but now I do.

I checked this phone out and they have it in blue (my favorite color)!

Thanks for posting! :)
I love it! Now i'm going over to phone scoop to compare it to my quickfire. does it work with att?
i think so. i bought mine unlocked so it should work with other major phone companies.
Can you minimize the picture some? It's quite large.

I loooove your personally made keitai straps, very talented!
yah no probs. i'll minimize right now.
Wow. How new is this phone? I couldn't find it on phonescoop.com, or the LG (cellphone) website, but I was able to find it on ebay, and added it to my watched items list...if it's better than my quickfire, i think i've just found my new phone!
yeah it's pretty new. just the other day i saw it in a super short commercial. i couldn't catch it fast enough but i recognized that it was my phone.
Does it use a SIM card? I'm with AT&T...
yeah i use a sim card for the phone.
I think the "name" of this phone is the Neon....
omg so much nyanko... I'm jealous.

What did you use to make the nyanko ones? Any particular sellers on etsy you like?
i use ultra light sculpey clay for the nyanko pudding and nyanko takoyaki. the nyanko sundae i bought from etsy from "FromJapanWithLove" though i don't think it was handmade. The seller there lives in Japan is fortunate enough to get lots of authentic goodies ^^ like this nyanko sundae charm. The nyanko burger i bought from www.shopkawaii.com at Anime Expo, but it was an impulse buy cuz it cost me $10.00 and normally i don't think 10.00 for a tiny charm is worth it.

i only bought once on etsy, and that was the nyanko sundae you see, but i bought from that particular seller a couple of times on her website since lots of her goods are hard to find at US based stores.
nyankooo!♥ ♥ ♥ so cute!
weeeeee! i love all the charms, and your desktop is so kawaii :D